The Community Translational Research Institute (CTRI) connects academic, government and community organizations together to take on the most pressing issues within our communities such as Diabetes and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

CTRI's Mission Statement

CTRI, a non-profit research institute, serves the community through:

  1. Bring together key community partners to prevent chronic diseases.
  2. Translate research into community efforts to transform population health practice.
  3. Collaborate with political appointees to create sustainable and effect policy change.

Strategic Goals

we are constantly working to connect academic, governmental, and community organizations to stop preventable chronic diseases from emerging. CTRI works to accomplish this through three different objectives.

The First Goal is to design a community health system that works synergistically.

The Second Goal is to empower these organizations to communicate with key decision-makers to advocate sustainable solutions.

The third Goal is to discover unofficial community leaders and develop them into official leadership positions within the community. 

CTRI's Vision Statement

CTRI, a non-profit research institute, sees the future as:

  1. Maximize the impact of all community organizations.
  2. Advance the field of population health.
  3. Facilitate advocacy work as trusted officials with elected political figures.

How will we accomplish these goals?

we are going to accomplish these goals by continually updating their system’s health delivery model to ensure old and new community organizations will have a place to benefit our community. Secondly, CTRI will help develop new community organizations to help fill the needs of our innovative health delivery model.

How can you help CTRI accomplish the mission?

 If you feel a deep passion for civic engagement, then join forces with CTRI. By joining the team, you instantly are connected with all of our partnerships current and new. Lastly, by joining the team you are supporting a coalition of like minded individuals.

You can click the image that best describes you, and submit your form to be contacted promptly.

This photo helps people gain access to leadership development.