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The Community Translational Research Institute.

We Provide Comprehensive Medical Services To Empower You Into A Culture of Health.

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Our mission to deliver high-quality healthcare at an affordable price is the reason we exist. After analyzing years of medical data, we decided to use our training, experience, and education to improve the world.

Envision A Brighter Future.

We see a healthier future as a reality by bringing people together to solve complex issues. By accepting our help, you become an advocate for a healthier future.

Become A Health Advocate.

Health advocates are people that see those around them as their family. A community of families should be supportive in their physical and mental health journeys.

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Intern for academic credit or for professional experience.

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Partner with us to build a stronger healthier community.

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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

We support people in their goals for entering the field of healthcare. Organizations should create opportunities for people to emerge as leaders.

Do I Obtain Clinical Experience?

Clinical experience depends on availability as we partner with health systems and universities to deliver healthcare.

Is The Experience Tailored To Me?

Our internship experiences focus on professional development, so it aligns with your future career endeavors.

Will You Work With My University?

Yes, our goal is to support your professional and academic development.