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Veterans Survey Results and Summit on January 31, 2019

The City of Rancho Mirage has graciously agreed to host  our Veterans Survey Results and Summit on Thursday, January 31, 2019 from 0900 hrs. -1200hrs ( 9 AM to noon) in its Council Chambers.  Dr. Andy Johnson and Professor Jay E. Orr, Esq., of CTRI  &  Claremont Graduate School will be presenting the findings of the study.  Riverside County Veterans had a record response to the survey!

Governor Newsom Announces Two National Experts in Child Development will be Key Leaders in Administration’s Efforts to Help the Youngest Californians

Governor Gavin Newsom today announced the appointment of two nationally-recognized experts in child development to be key leaders in his administration’s efforts to help the youngest Californians. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, a national leader in pediatric medicine, will serve as California’s first-ever Surgeon General, and Kris Perry, a national leader in early childhood policy, will serve as Deputy Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency for Early Childhood Development and Senior Advisor to the Governor on Implementation of Early Childhood Development Initiatives.

In 2017, the rate of children in foster care rose in 39 states

The number of children and youth in foster care nationally rose for the fifth consecutive year, to 443,000, in federal fiscal year (FY) 2017. While still below the high of 567,000 in FY 1999, the FY 2017 number is a 1.5 percent increase from FY 2016 and a 12 percent increase from FY 2012, when the number of children and youth in care began rising after more than 10 years of decline.

Prevalence and Changes in Preexisting Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes Among Women Who Had a Live Birth — United States, 2012–2016

Diabetes during pregnancy increases the risk for adverse maternal and infant health outcomes. Type 1 or type 2 diabetes diagnosed before pregnancy (preexisting diabetes) increases infants’ risk for congenital anomalies, stillbirth, and being large for gestational age.

Healthy Communities

The Healthy Communities Initiative fosters collaboration between the health and community development sectors. Recognizing that economic, social and physical environments have huge implications for our opportunity to be healthy, the Initiative strives to strengthen partnerships between those who work to improve neighborhood conditions and those who focus on improving health outcomes over the life course.